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Effective Link Building in the New Era of Search Engine Ranking

Search engines have evolved and the focus is now entirely on quality. Google, with its new Penguin update, has sent out a clear message that if you want to stay in the good books of this search engine, you have to wear a white hat. As a result, one of the most effective SEO techniques, link building, has to be reconsidered and new strategies need to be implemented.

Links Must Appear Natural

“Natural” is the new buzz word in the link building industry. Links are like “likes” on FB. More the number of links, higher is supposed to be the popularity of your website.

In the new era, every link has to come from a site of reliable quality and it has to come naturally or build in a natural manner. This is adjudged by finding out the source of link, frequency of links, relevance and anchor text that brought the link to your site.

The search engine makes sure that the focus is on content and not on the anchor text alone. So, the focus now is on content that is unique, informative and worthy of receiving natural links. In other words, your best bet is always to earn links naturally but if you are like the millions of other small businesses who are too small or is in a sector that is not conducive to natural links, you must hire a knowlegeble white hat SEO firm to develope and build links for you in a manner that appears to be natural to Google.

Social media can be harnessed

One of the reasons why the services of social media marketing and optimization experts are so much in demand is because this channel has become a new hotspot for link building. Sharing and social signals can add a lot of value to your website.

Today, it is not just important to offer high quality content on your blogs, but it is also very essential to share information. You can leverage the potential of a bigger fan base, more number of likes and higher number of followers on social media platforms for effective backlinking.

Anchor text diversification

If all your links point to one anchor text, Google gets suspicious because that is not how natural link building functions and the search engine does not believe in coincidences.

The trick here is to diversify your anchor text and bring in links for all variations. So, when links are distributed all over the content, rather than concentrated on a few words, it seems more natural and your links become more valuable.

Link inner pages

It would also seem weird if all your links landed up on your home page. Inner pages of your website are now as important as your home page. Links need to be distributed all through your website.

Usually, the home page does not contain the actual content of your website. It is the inner pages that contain information. So, it only makes sense that natural links be present more on inner pages than home page.

This is the age of white hat link building and professionals can speed up the process of acquiring links in the most legitimate methods. There are numerous ways to naturally harness backlinks while keeping up with the rules laid out by search engines.

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