Google Adwords Management

Why Use Google Adwords Management & Optimization Services


If you consider the money generated by different advertising channels that are in vogue in Canada, particularly Toronto, you’ll find that online ad revenue is the highest. In 2011, $2.6 billion was spent on online advertising. The scale of spending is high, but do all advertisers receive satisfactory ROI? No, the majority of them do not. Why?

Businesses that do make the most out of paid online ad campaigns and obtain a high ROI are those that know how to use the many channels of advertising in the best possible manner. The SEO Company’s Google AdWords management service ensures that your business derives the maximum ROI from your PPC campaign.

Adwords is a very powerful tool. Despite the fact that costs per click are increasing, there are ways in which you can maximize clicks without increasing the budget. We know the secret!

What you can expect from our Adwords management service

  • Optimizing the money that you spend for every click by ensuring that you do not receive large number of false clicks or empty clicks. We make use of strategies such as negative keywords and manual bidding so that your PPC ad does not appear for irrelevant searches.
  • Increasing the visibility of your website within the most relevant searches.
  • Using the most effective keywords and continually analysing the status of these search terms to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Writing and testing the best ad text with compelling sales propositions that are both search engine optimized and will increase click-through rate and decrease your cost per click.
  •  Proactive PPC AdWords management and expanding the campaign depending upon its success while ensuring that you continually receive more traffic and more conversions.

We believe in customer service and delivering value to our customers.  We will provide you with regular updates and reports regarding your Google AdWords optimization, along with quantified results and future course of action.

We know your business is unique.  That’s why we provide custom tailored AdWords solution for every client.

The SEO Company has consistently generated high ROI for clients because we believe in following a personalized approach for each Adwords campaign. Every client is treated uniquely.

We develop the entire strategy based on your precise requirements. Beginning from researching your target customers and identifying the most effective keywords to ensuring that you receive satisfactory results.  We offer highly personalized services.

We are not expensive since the cost of service is subject to your requirements. So, you pay nothing more or nothing less than the services you require.

When you use us for the management of your PPC campaign, we will ensure you receive high returns on your AdWords budget. You can be sure your money is well spent and enjoy peace of mind and let us do the sweating for you. Contact The SEO Company in Toronto and be amazed at how much a little bit of money spent on AdWords can increase your return on investment!


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    Benefits of Hiring an SEO Firm for Google Adwords Optimization

    Google AdWords campaign is a seemingly simple process, which is why a number of website owners attempt to do it themselves. However, when you hire a professional, you begin to notice the difference on several fronts. The professional approach towards Adword optimization gets you numerous benefits and can actually save money for you in the long run.

    Optimizing for Negative Keywords

    Negative keywords are extremely powerful elements of an Adwords campaign. While using them in the right manner can get you higher returns on your investment, reduce cost of campaign and attract more traffic, your entire campaign can come crashing down if these keywords are not used appropriately. Negative keywords are keywords that ensure that your ad “does not” show up when relevant searches are triggered.

    Here is an example. If you sell shoes on your store but do not stock Nike brand, “Nike” becomes your negative keyword. So, your ad does not appear when people who want to buy shoes search for this brand. This way, you don’t have to pay for unnecessary clicks.

    Secondly, your target audience base becomes refined.

    Thirdly, the limitation of your store, which in this case is unavailability of Nike brand, is hidden from searchers. This could be a wonderful aspect for online marketing. However, since the success of this strategy depends on the right choice of negative keywords and meticulous implementation, professionals are essential.

    Our Expertise and Experience will Increase Your ROI

    There are a lot of other aspects, similar to negative keywords, which can get you a high return of investment. Professionals know about these concepts because of their expertise in the field as well as their practical experience while implementing Google AdWords campaigns.

    Your ads appear in the right searches, are ranked well and enjoy higher visibility. The combined effect of various marketing strategies gets you high returns.

    What’s more, you do not have to extend your budget to receive high returns. Technical concepts such as categorization of keywords into Broad match, Exact match and Phrase match are optimized to get you maximum benefits in limited costs.

    Ads are made more visible in target geographical locations. Special campaigns are planned for smart phones and tablets to reach out to a larger selected audience base.

    By avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant clicks and focusing on getting more number of highly targeted clicks, professionals ensure that your budget does not overshoot while you get excellent and quick results.

    Tracking and Analytics Service

    The list of most searched keywords is dynamic. It changes very often. So, it is essential to keep a watch on your Adwords campaign and ensure that the keywords used are turning up at the right places.

    If they are not, they need to be changed. For this, continuous web analytics is extremely essential. The process becomes more complicated when you use multiple ads because every ad needs to be monitored and keywords need to be evaluated. It calls for professional intervention.

    If you take on the responsibility of Google AdWords management yourself, you perhaps will not be left with enough time for anything else. So, these jobs are best left to professionals.

    Contact The SEO Company today to leverage Google adwords to your advantage.