About Us

The SEO Company, also known as Helback Corporation is a private Toronto based boutique SEO & digital marketing firm, specializing in helping small independent business owners and midsize companies. Helback Corporation was formed as a result of the growing dissatisfaction towards traditional SEO companies who boast countless top 10 Google keyword rankings while the business owners or stakeholders see little change in sales and profits. What we discovered is that there essentially 2 types of SEO firms out there in the Canadian market place, the black hat or unethical SEO company or the white hat ethical firm. A black hat unethical SEO company is a firm who utilizes illegal tehchniqes to deliberately deceive Google bots in order to boost rankings temporailly or a company that is out to scam you and not deliver any results or achieve rankings for keywords that have no traffic. This group of SEO companies is highhly dangerous as clients not waste their SEO budget but often find their site banned from Google or penalized in the sandbox. A white hat SEO company is traditionally a tech oriented company who do not understand marketing and is incapable of properly assisting their clients with a cohesive online marketing approach that will lead to increase sales and bottom line.

To address the growing concern and dissatisfaction with SEO, we formed a SEO company that not only focuses on search engine optimization but all aspects of digital marketing with and understanding on off-line marketing as well. We are foremost marketers who are interested in finding way to improve sales and profit. Our intimiate team includes seasoned experts who worked for Fortune 500 companies in brand marking, product management, SEO, link building, content writing, social media, as well as partners that can help you with ecommerce and web development. We know marketing and we know the power of SEO if harnessed correctly. Our mission is to help small and mid-size companies increase profits through higher traffic and higher conversion.

For more information about Helback Corporation and our services, please feel free to contact us.