• The SEO Company Approach

    Unlike other traditional SEO companies in Toronto, not only will we help you achieve top search engine rankings but we’ll ensure your rankings translate into click-throughs, conversion, and ultimately profit. The only way to maxmimize your ROI (return-on-investment) is to ensure your website delivers the best user experience. The SEO company will help you identify opporutnities and build useful content in such a way that will enhance user experience and maximize conversion and ROI.

    The SEO Company Approach
  • The New Digital Marketing Era

    To be successful in today’s digital space, you have to go beyond traditional SEO and address all aspects of digital marketing, including website design, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, marketing strategies, content management, etc. The SEO company can provide you with a 360 degree perspective on digital marketing and ensure your money is not wasted. This is what makes us unique vs. other SEO companies in Toronto or anywhere across Canada. We optimize profits not rank.

    The New Digital Marketing Era

The SEO Company:  Clicks + Conversion = Profit

We go beyond search engine optimization.

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I’ve been using The SEO Company for my on-line store for a few months now and they managed to go above and beyond my expectations in a very short time. Where I was nowhere to be found in an on-line search before, I’m now right up there in the keyword searches that I have selected . . . I couldn’t be more satisfied with the progress made to my search engine optimization.–Joanne Schleihauf, Do Me A Favor Gifts

In a matter of three months, The SEO Company and their team doubled the hits and page views on my site.  I heartily recommend The SEO Company and their crew.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       –Wallace Gouk, Port Credit Marine Surveys


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  • Why Choose The SEO Company?

    As an increasing number of people all across the world take to shopping via the internet, no business can afford to ignore the value of a strong online presence. However, considering that this thought is uppermost in almost every business owner’s mind, this is not an easy task either and you need to ensure your website grabs the attention of your target audience. This is precisely why you need to hire not just any SEO company, but one that consistently delivers results in the form of increased traffic, improved lead generation and better conversion of potential customers.

    In other words, you should seriously consider having us, The SEO Company, also known as Helback Corporation manage your online identity to get the greatest benefits.

  • Local SEO Marketing Services

    We are an SEO company in Toronto and therefore, work by setting up a personal meeting with our clients on their premises to discuss their specific requirements. What this means is greater clarity in understanding your needs which in turn translates into customized solutions that give your business a distinct identity to get you the desired results. It also means less time wasted in long-winded written communication, allowing us to achieve quick turnarounds.

  • Extensive Online Marketing Solutions

    Many SEO companies are simply IT companies that focus on increasing a client’s Google rankings. At The SEO Company, we have a broader vision and plan – to help not just boost our clients’ rankings but also improve profitability. With our unique customized online marketing tools, we can help you:

    • Generate greater leads.
    • Increase your conversions.
    • Offer your users a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
    • Position your brand as a force to reckon with.

    Whether it is Google AdWords management, search engine optimization, web design, email marketing, business blogging, content and copy writing or the latest mantra – social media marketing, The SEO Company offers comprehensive online marketing solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Quality SEO Service at an Affordable Price

    Our team of SEO experts has experience with online marketing for a wide range of industries and we have worked with businesses right from fashion magazines, neutraceutical manufacturers and wedding favours to marine surveyors. For all the benefits we offer, our service is competitively priced when compared with any other SEO company in Toronto. In other words, when you hire us, you receive superior quality solutions at affordable prices. Why go to just any SEO company when you can be guaranteed of an intelligent and high-quality comprehensive online marketing campaign that yields amazing results at a reasonable price?

    Get in touch with The SEO Company today, and ensure your online business soars to new heights.